Dismantling White Supremacy: Starting with Yourself

Are you:

  • Committed to advancing racial equity?
  • Seeking to better understand the impact of our racialized socialization?
  • A white-identified person ready to embrace a lifetime commitment to anti-racist values, practices, and community? A person of color interested in learning about this new model and how it might shift narratives/paradigms?

Join us for a group based 12 step Model of Recovery from White Conditioning. This training will create an intentional space for self-reflection and connection where White-identified attendees will experience an abbreviated recovery meeting, while attendees who identify as People of Color participate in a reflective/healing circle, led by a facilitator of color.

Date/Time: Friday, December 7, 9a-12pm (Registration 8:30am)
Location: Northwest Area Foundation
60 Plato Blvd #400, St Paul, MN 55107
Cost: Members: $40, Non-members: $60, Students: $20

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Group Development and Engagement through Play

Come and play with us! Group work is not just about accomplishing a goal. It is an opportunity to learn about others and yourself. This workshop will offer interactive opportunities to see different perspectives, learn different techniques in problem solving, and build relationships. This training will explore the process and benefit of group work and games in youth and adult development. This interactive workshop will host several activities and strategies for supporting interdependent roles while assessing together as a group the implications of certain strategies and how to build in group reflection.

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 25, 5-7pm (Registration 4:30pm)
Location: Children’s Home & LSS of Minnesota
1605 Eustis St, St Paul, MN 55108
Cost: Members: $40, Non-members: $60, Students: $20

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